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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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carefully. when the president said what he did today that he wants his jobs bill to be used in part to repair, for example, he said, a bridge between cincinnati and kentucky. in other words, between the home district and the home state of the top republicans up here on capitol hill in the house and in the senate. >> how are you, sir? >> reporter: to sell his jobs plan president obama went to ft. hayes high school in ohio. >> hello, columbus! >> reporter: this district would get some of the $85 billion the president wants to repair schools, roads and bridges. >> there are millions of unemployed construction workers who are looking for a job. so my question to congress is what on earth are we waiting for? >> reporter: the president was entering republican territory. next to the congressional district of house speaker john boehner who's opposing how democrats would pay for their job plan, by limiting tax
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deductions. >> we see permanent tax increases put into effect in order to pay for temporary spending. >> reporter: and republicans stepped up another attack based on the boeing dreamliner. charging the president with killing jobs. boeing's plan to build its new plane in a new plant in south carolina is blocked by the obama labor relations board that rumed the move to a right to work state retaliation by boeing against its unions in seattle. unions that back democrats. >> while the president is talking about jobs, his administration is making it harder to create jobs. >> reporter: but the nonpartisan congressional budget office today backed the obama jobs plan. >> cuts in taxes or increases in spending in the near term will spur output in employment. >> reporter: the short term is the obama focus. for 14 million u.s. unemployed and one president who wants to keep his job. still, there's a touch of
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bipartisanship. obama spokesman said today if congress wants to pass part of the obama jobs plan, that's okay. the president would sign it and then keep pushing the rest. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, live from the hill. jim and doreen, back to you. >> steve, thank you. members of the taliban attacked the u.s. embassy and nato headquarters in kabul, afghanistan, today. they used rocket propelepropel d grenades and small arms fire. three of the taliban attackers were killed by police before they were able to detonate bombs. today's attack marks the third by the afghan taliban since june. the procedures for airport security screening are changing for kids under the age of 12. homeland security secretary janet napolitano today told congress that the government will roll out a different airport patdown policy for kids, and they'll do that in the coming months. children under the age of 12 no longer will have to take off
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their shoes as they go through check point security. some travelers and privacy advocates have complained about the invasive nature of those patdowns, especially when they're conducted on children who do not appear to pose any kind of credible security threat. a judge in alexandria today came up with a novel idea in his effort to see to it that drivers slow down on the road. chris gordon has our report. >> that black truck in the left lane. 26 miles an hour. >> reporter: alexandria police sergeant brian thompson has 22 years of experience. here along south washington street, where the speed limit is 25 mimes an hour, he's giving a quick course in laser speed detection devices to lawyer. these are prosecutors and defense lawyers who often meet in court on opposing sides of traffic cases. this hands-on experience helps
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the lawyers understand the advantages and disadvantages of lasers and radar. >> it's going to help us to ask the right questions where the officer comes in to see the certification, to see the equipment and to make sure everything was calibrated properly. >> reporter: 29.8 miles an hour. that's the reading on this laser speed detector. the question is, how important is this as evidence? if the driver is then prosecuted for speeding. >> i believe that a properly calibrated tool, whether it be laser or radar in the hands of a properly trained officer is very, very accurate. >> reporter: 100%? >> nothing is ever 100%. i would place it close to that, yes, sir. >> we're going to learn about the radar. >> reporter: alexandria general district court chief judge becky moore hosted this seminar because she believes justice is served when both sides in a traffic case understand the science behind the technology being used. >> and learn not just from the
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law books, but also from seeing the units, learning from the scientists that actually calibrate them. >> reporter: a speeding conviction can result in a fine of up to $250. if a motorist is clocked at more than 20 miles an hour over the speed limit, they can be charged with reckless driving, which is a misdemeanor. in alexandria, virginia, chris gordon, news 4. >> police in alexandria say they issue about 1,000 traffic tickets each year. d.c. fire officials are searching for an arsonist who forced two families from their homes. the fire scorched two town homes in the kennel worth housing projects on quarles street in northeast d.c. they think some sort of ax axel rent was used. fire officials have determined a cause of a house fire in rockville yesterday. that blaze put a 10-year-old boy in the hospital. investigators say an electrical problem with a dryer in the
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kitchen sparked the blaze. damages are estimated at $125,000. the boy who was rescued from the fire remains in critical condition. all the flooding last week in our area caused a lot of damage in prince georges county and elsewhere, of course. now that the water has receded, some of the people who live in the county are dealing with yards that look more like a dump from all the debris left behind. they're wondering whose job it is to clean it up. >> i just can't explain it. we're upset. >> reporter: wayne proctor lives along the creek that jumped its banks, flooding upper marlboro. he says the strong water shichted his home's foundation and rain caused part of his ceiling to cave in. he wants prince georges county to do more to help residents like him who don't have flood insurance. >> guy down there, he lost everything. he just redid it, the whole inside. he lost everything in there. right there, my neighbor, they lost everything in their basement. >> reporter: the county gave a list of free dump sites for
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people this past weekend. homeowner mary greenfield says she can't lift the junk that floodwaters pushed into her front yard from this appliance shop across the street. she's dealing with her own flood of problem. we shot video of the pond in her basement last week. >> this should not happen. i mean, i got refrigerators in my yard. i got couches in my yard. >> reporter: she was shocked to walk outside of her house to the backyard and see this refrigerator. a couch. and another refrigerator. >> i am disgusted. look at this mess. >> reporter: there are many damaged homes and buildings in prince georges including the county administration building. the flooded out bottom floor is closed indefinitely and crews removed damage furniture and rusting office equipment. as for the uninsured flood victims, well, prince georges officials told me they won't use county money to help, but they're working with fema to take a look around. if the entire county wide damage goes over $2.9 million, then fema will step in and help out. >> i hope in the future that it doesn't happen again.
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>> reporter: in upper marlboro, news 4. >> fema and county inspectors are going to tour upper marlboro on thursday. they will be assessing the damage to see whether it meets the nearly $3 million requirement for federal help. coming up next on news 4 at 6:00, a heroic effort to save a man trapped under a burning bmw unfolds before a camera. two american hikers convicted of spying in iran may be just a few days away from freedom now. controversy on the campaign trail. we'll tell you why a presidential hopeful is attacking her rival over the safety of a vaccine that prevents cancer. thieves trying to make a clean getaway. but cameras were rolling. we'll tell you why they were stealing laundry detergent from local stores. chuck, what's ahead in our weather? >> doreen and jim, summer is holding on for all it can for the next couple of hours around here. but there are some hints of fall coming our way in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you all of that coming up in a few more minutes. dan, what you work on in sports?
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two americans who were hiking and wandered into iran and were arrested might now be set free. at least pretty soon. shane bauer and josh fattal were arrested more than two years ago while they were hiking along iraq's unmarked northern border with iran. they were arrested by iranians for spying and entering that country illegally. they were given eight-year prison terms. today iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad told nbc's ann curry the two could be sent home within a few days. this news comes after a defense
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lawyer representing the hikers said an iranian court set a $500,000 bail for each man. >> translator: i think these two persons will be freed in couple of days. >> in a couple of days? >> translator: yes. in a couple of days. these two people are having a very good condition here in prison. it's like staying in a hotel. >> there was a third member of that hiking party, a woman. her name was sarah shourd. she was released last year. the hpv vaccine is meant to protect against cervical cancer. but one presidential candidate suggests there may be a link between the shot and a very serious health issue. erica edwards has more on the topic that's taking center stage all of a sudden among gop presidential contenders. >> this was about trying to stop a cancer. >> reporter: that's texas governor rick perry in his cnn debate with other gop
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presidential hopefuls monday night defending a decision he once made to try to get all 11 and 12-year-old girls in his state the hpv vaccine. it was never signed into law. that didn't stop the other candidates from attacking perry, most notably minnesota representative michele bachmann. >> little girls who have a negative reaction to this potentially dangerous drug don't get a mulligan. they don't get a do over. >> reporter: bachmann went on the "today" show tuesday morning and said that after the debate a woman approached her with this claim. >> she told me that her little daughter took that -- took that vaccine, that injection, and she suffered from mental retardation thereafter. >> reporter: scientists readily admit they're always learning new things about the practice of medicine. experts say they have never heard of a link between any mental health problems and any vaccine. >> we need to take a look at it, of course. but i would put it in the -- in the grouping of extraordinarily unlikely.
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>> reporter: the hpv vaccine protects against serl strains of the human papilloma virus which can lead to a majority of cervical cancers. multiple studies have shown the vaccine to be safe with minor side effects like pain at the injection site. several years ago, one study linked certain childhood vaccines with autism. that research was later debunked. but the idea scared many parents away from giving their children vaccines. >> we shouldn't function according to rumors and hearsay. >> reporter: whether this latest claim will have the same effect remains to be seen. for now doctors say the hpv vaccine is an effective and safe way to protect against cervical cancer. erica edwards, nbc news. the american academy of pediatrics says more than 35 million doses of e vaccine have been administered so far and it has an excellent safety record. chuck's here with a look at our weather forecast. >> yeah. >> just a spectacular day out there. >> so nice.
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top tow weather. convertibles all over. roofs are down. hair flapping in the breeze. if only this kind of summer weather could last a few more days. unfortunately we might get one more day like this. it'll be tomorrow. a little hin comes our way. outside, here you have a look at the chesapeake bay as seen from chopper 4. look at all the debris. this has been washed down into the chesapeake bay due to the incredible amounts of rain and flooding we've seen. that's not just little debris. the chopper is about 1,000 feet up over the water of the bay there. those are full-sized trees and appliances out there floating in the bay. treacherous conditions for anybody that dares to boat or swim in the chesapeake bay. be extremely careful, boaters, as you make your plans to get outside, enjoy late summer warmth out there. no doubt about it. another fantastic chamber of commerce day outside today. another plane load of folks coming into national airport. 82 degrees at tehe end of the runways.
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humidity, 51%. light breeze at 9 miles per hour. high 83 after a 65 degree start. look at these 30-day rainfall total. since august 13th through today, there's been more than 15 inches of rain at reagan national airport. just under 10 inches at dulles. look at that. bwi, thurgood marshall, just short of 19 inches of rain in the last 30 days. that is almost five months worth of average rainfall in just the last one month's time. that's the reason that there's so much debris in the chesapeake bay. because so much water has been washing town out of the watershed. 80 degrees in annapolis. 82 in fredericksburg. 82 in culpeper, virginia. beautiful weather out in the northern parts of virginia. out into northern maryland, frederick up to smithsburg and h
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h h hagarstown. as you make your evening plans, don't worry about any weather problems tonight. down to about 73 by 11:00 tonight. see on the satellite picture, hardly any cloud cover for us to worry about. big plume of moisture right off the eastern seaboard here. that big trough of low pressure that has all that moisture with it, that is going to help keep tropical storm maria off the eastern seaboard. sitting to the north of san juan, puerto rico. official track from the hurricane center still carries this thing way away from the east coast of the u.s. up through the canadian maritimes and into the north atlantic as we get towards the saturday/sunday time frame. nothing to worry about from maria. welcome news. the last thing we need are more tropical showers. for us around here, high pressure has been in charge the last few days. as it moves away, we've been toasty warm today, warm again tomorrow. tomorrow back up into the 80s for sure out ahead of this trough of low pressure and approaching cold front. that little trough may kick off showers as early as 4:00, 5:00,
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6:00 tomorrow afternoon west of town. we'll hold off until about sunset or later for rain chances here in metro washington. as the weather front itself comes through here during the day on thursday, it will bring another chance for rain off and on through much of the day thursday. i think by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 thursday evening, most of the rain drops will be out. chilly changes will be here for the rest of the week and on into the weekend. so your evening plans, clear skies and mild out there. light breezes. temperatures back through most of the 70s here in the evening hours. as you get your wednesday started, wake-up temperature 62 to 70. sun's up at 6:48 tomorrow morning. down at 7:18 tomorrow evening. tomorrow morning sunshine, afternoon clouds. a risk of showers late in the day. boaters out tennessee bon the b bad day if you can avoid the debris. extended forecast, 80s tomorrow. 70s on thursday. only 60s with some sunshine on friday. that'll feel nice and autumnal
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for sure. highs in the low and mid-70s for saturday and sunday. dry. that's important. chance for rain coming in late in the weekend into early next week. any time you need a forecast, come on to our website or follow me on twitter. >> dry sounds pretty good. >> we love the sound of dry. >> thank you, chuck. coming up tonight, more problems at a local mobile home park. people there say they're being pushed out of temporary shelters and they have no place to go. you've heard about the traffic concerns. we'll tell you why the focus is now shifting to concern over the
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now get 0% apr financing for 72 months on most 2011 chrysler 200 sedan models. northern virginia lawmakers are calling on president obama to strengthen security for thousands of relocating defense department workers. alexandria mayor bill yule sent the president a letter expressing his concerns surrounding the new mark centers. it comes just days after our
6:24 pm
report on "time" magazine's website said the building was vulnerable to a truck bombing. mayor yule says the city's had a tough time getting information to prepare an emergency response plan. but a spokesman with the army corps of engineers says security levels at the new complex are similar to those at the pentagon. there are new developments out of aruba tonight. news 4 has learned that gary giordano's family has hired jose baez to represent giordano. baez is the lawyer who defended casey anthony who was acquitted in the murder of her daughter, caylee. in the death of her daughter, caylee, that is. giordano is from gaithersburg. he's being held in prison in aruba in connection with the disappearance of a woman named robyn gardner. giordano said gardner disappeared while snorkeling. baez is now said to be in aruba interviewing witnesses. up next on news 4, it's judgment day for a woman who attacked a transgender customer at a mcdonald's.
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i'm jane watrel in prince william county. families who lost everything in the local floods and may soon have no place to turn. the story, coming up. bizarre crime spree. thieves stealing laundry detergent from stores all over
6:26 pm
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president barack obama went to ohio today. he went there to rally public support for his jobs plan. the president spoke in the district next to the one of republican house speaker john boehn boehner. the speaker criticized the president's plan today because it limits tax deductions. boehner said the plan would result in a permanent tax
6:29 pm
increase to pay for short-term spending. two american hikers jailed in iran may soon be able to return home. today iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, told nbc's ann curry shane bauer and josh fattal should be released any day now. the two were arrested more than two years ago and given eight-year prison sentences for spying and entering iran illegally. some of the offices in the prince georges county administration building will be closed for several more weeks. crews are still working to clear out furniture and equipment that was damaged in the flooding last week. employees from those offices have been temporarily relocated. the rest of the building reopened for business this morning. there's a lot of finger pointing going on in the case of more than 150 prince william county residents who lost everything in last week's flooding. >> the families are part of a mobile home community. some of them claim the county doesn't care about them. the county says it can't offer any more help until the federal
6:30 pm
government steps in. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: dozens of flood victims from the holly acres mobile home park gathered to make a plea for help. >> we need more time. a place to stay safe. because we don't have no place to go. nobody has a place to go. >> reporter: she's one of 38 prince william county families whose homes were wiped out in thursday's torrential rains. low income workers who have been staying at a county run shelter. a shelter that will close in three days. >> normally the red cross and the county provide 72 hours of shelter after an event like this. in this case we've extended it by a week already. recognizing that a lot of them just are without any means. >> reporter: many of those here say that's not enough time and are begging the county to extend the deadline. chris joseph's home was okay. but he sees the suffering of his neighbors. >> i don't think that's right. that's not the american way. that's not the american way. i mean, we reach out and help other foreign countries. we need to help people that's in
6:31 pm
our country, america. >> reporter: holly acres is four decades old and sits on a floodplain. the county has condemned much of the mobile home park and residents will not be allowed to rebuild. its owner cries foul. >> the flood was not the cause of holly acres. there's a reason for it. and it's been the lack of action on the county and we have it documented. >> reporter: at a packed board of supervisors meeting, the county chairman takes issue with the accusation that the county doesn't care. >> you know, honestly, i think the county probably should have shut that trailer park down before this in retrospect. it was built, you know, over 40 years ago. and it's on a floodplain. those rez tesidents were in dan even before the flood. >> reporter: a fund has been set up for people to make cash donations to the flood stricken victims. information can be found on the prince william government website and prince william county schools website. already there's $500 in the fund. much more will be needed.
6:32 pm
in woodbridge, jane watrel, news 4. this afternoon virginia congressman jerry connolly said it is governor bob mcdonald's responsibility to question -- request a disaster declaration. no response as of yet from the governor's office tonight. there's been an arrest in the shooting of a transgender woman in southeast d.c. the suspect, 20-year-old darrell willard, turned himself into authorities today. he's been charged with armed assault with intent to kill. police say willard knew the victim who was shot on savannah street yesterday. d.c. police have been investigating several violent crimes against transgendered people over the past few months. a woman who was caught on tape beating up a transgender woman in a mcdonald's will serve five years in prison. the attack happened back in april in baltimore county. 18-year-old tiana brown pleaded guilty last month to a hate crime and assault charges. in court today she asked for a
6:33 pm
second chance. but the judge said he couldn't excuse her outrageous conduct. the judge's words. the second suspect remains in a juvenile detention center. despite the poor national economy, some long neglected neighborhoods in the district are beginning to see development speed up for the first time in decades. the city broke ground today on a 314-unit apartment building on north capitol street in northeast d.c. it will join an already bustling new neighborhood of office and retail shops. a neighborhood that didn't exist four years ago. the new apartment building is reserving one-third of its units for lower income residents whose rundown public housing was demolished. diane hunter spoke for many of those lower income families. >> it has been many a years and a many of meetings fighting with the d.c. government, hud, and the d.c. housing authority. this is our third mayor under the northwest one project.
6:34 pm
and i hope with major gray that this project will be completed. >> that neighborhood also includes the new headquarters for national public radio and a number of other businesses. we've heard about copper thefts, brass thefts, aluminum thefts and vehicle air bag thefts. now get ready for detergent thefts. a coordinated effort by criminaling shoplifting the best selling lawn tri detergent from area stores are making a bundle reselling it. pat collins has our exclusive report. >> reporter: you're watching people stealing tide. that's right. i said tide. the laundry detergent. it's turned into a big-time criminal enterprise. sometimes it gets ugly. look at this thief as someone tries to keep him from leaving this safeway store. from this safeway store alone, how many bottles of tide have been stolen? >> we don't know the exact
6:35 pm
number, but it's in the thousands. >> reporter: that's sergeant aubrey thompson. don't be misled by the casual attire. he and his organized retail crime squad are all over this laundry soap scheme. they say this is how they do it. they come into the store like a regular shopper. they locate the detergent aisle. they come up to the tide and they start loading it into a cart. one, two, three, four. sometimes as many as 20 bottles of tide laundry detergent. they have all sorts of thefts caught on tape. here's a guy with a cart full of tide who took time to stop and get some top shelf bar soap. so what are these thieves doing with all this stolen soap? they say they're selling it to people at flea markets. they're selling it to people at convenience stores.
6:36 pm
they're selling it to people at nail salons. they say they're even selling it at bus stops. hey, buddy. wanna score some tide? there's serious money involved here. why, last month they arrested a guy at this safeway in buoy. he had a car full of tide and $96,000 in the bank. so it's been pretty profitable for him. >> it's big money. and this is tax-free money. >> reporter: not for him anymore. >> no, sir. >> reporter: now, there are a number of rings involved here. and police are out to collar those rings. pat collins, news 4, prince georges county. coming up tonight, a dramatic rescue of a biker trapped under a burning car. new audiotapes are offering
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welcome back to news 4. news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what a great day outside today. plenty of sunshine. temperatures still in the low 80s across many neighborhoods. 82 right now in washington. 81 in gaithersburg and rockville. as you head up into upper montgomery county, temperatures hovering around the 80 degree mark. out into northern virginia now, 82 in frederickburg and stafford. 82 in culpeper. a nice evening. by the time you get an early start on wednesday, mostly clear skies. mild.
6:41 pm
for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine to get your day started. clouds will be coming in during the afternoon. there will be a risk of rain showers. maybe a rumble or two of thunder coming in as early as about this time tomorrow. before the rain sets in, it's going to be another very warm day with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s for tomorrow. cooler rain showers come in for tomorrow night into early thursday. after that a little taste of autumn coming our way friday on into the weekend. a little something for everybody in the seven-day forecast. back in to you. >> thank you, chuck. remarkable recordings featuring the late jacqueline kennedy have just been released less than four months after the assassination of her husband, president kennedy, the former first lady took part in interviews with one of the nation's most noted historians. at one point she talks about the cuban missile crisis and the president's plan to keep his family safe. >> i said, please don't send me away to camp david, you know, me and the children. please don't send me anymore. even if there's not room in the bomb shelter in the white house which i've seen, i said, please,
6:42 pm
then i just want to be on the lawn when it happens. but i just want to be with you and i want to die with you and the children do, too. than live without you. >> jacqueline kennedy died in 1994. president kennedy was assassinated in 1963. turning to sports, dan's here. what are we looking at? >> the nationals have a local kid who's stepping up for them. playing very well. getting his first big league rbi last night. we're also talking hazing. this is the smurfs. it's also the nationals' rookies. news 4
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
you know, i guess it's a positive thing to be favored as we are against the cardinals. but i almost wish we weren't. >> really? >> i'd rather be the underdogs. >> we remember what that feels like, right? >> had plenty of it, right? >> it's been a while. these guys like to play with a
6:46 pm
chip on their shoulder. we'll see how they react this week. redskins actually off today before going back to work to prepare for the cardinals. it's a game the redskins are supposed to win. they are favored by four points over the cards on sunday. it's also a game that runningback tim hightower has already sort of guaranteed that the skins would win. hightower started his career in arizona. playing in a super bowl as a rookie for the cardinals. last year he was their leading rusher. this year, he's the redskins' leading rusher. didn't break off any huge runs against the giants, but he carried the load. 25 times for 72 yards. and that touchdown. now, after spending his first three years of his career in arizona, hightower looking forward to facing and beating his former mates. >> oh, man. it's going to be special. special. i'm going to have a hard time sleeping. i think i'm going to want to live here and i'm prepared as much as i can. you'll see me getting my
6:47 pm
teammates a little extra motivated this week. make sure the coaches on defense got a little something, tricks up their sleeves, got their scheming right. i want to win this game. we're going to win this game, but i want to win this game. this one means a lot to me. >> you have to say sort of. you heard how he said it. i want to win. we're going to win. you got to go with that mentality. anybody who says he guarantees a win -- >> asking for trouble. >> that's what he's supposed to feel like. how you going to go into a game feeling i'm going to lose? >> we hope to win. >> no professional does that. >> exactly. i like what tim hightower's doing. i think a lot of people around here would like to see more of the same. double dip on monday night football last night. tom brady stole the show. immediately brady was fuming because he tossed his first interception in almost a year. then he started slinging it all over the field for a record setting 517 yards. and four touchdowns. monday night football, bill belichick, tom brady and the patriots opening up down in miami against the dolphins. brady hadn't thrown an interception in his last 357
6:48 pm
regular season passes. but gerald uldrich said i'll take this one. returns it 39 yards to the pat's 9. two plays later chad henny and brian hartline hook up. they tie the game at 14. that was the only problem brady had all night long. check this out here. from his own end zone. hooks up with wes welker. tells this guy get off of me. i'm going 99 yards to the house. 517 passing yards for tom brady. the fifth most in nfl history. most ever on monday night. the patriots bash in the dolphins' face masks, 38-24. brady after the game certainly cherishing the moment. >> that was pretty awesome. when i saw him break away and, i mean, it was awesome. coach never lets us run that route in practice. he's like, i'm sick of welker running seam routes. i don't want to see that. all training camp that's what we heard. hopefully we won't have to hear
6:49 pm
that again for a while. >> records also being set in denver where the raiders took on the broncos. end of the second quarter, not very often we show you a field goal unless it's from 63 yards out. and good. that ties an nfl record. you can only do that in denver where the air is very thin. right? that gives oakland a 16-3 halftime lead. in the third, oakland is punting the ball, fielded at the 10. this is eric decker. finds his seam. and decker is doing it. the nfl's fifth punt return for a touchdown this weekend. 90-yard return. decker would celebrate in the stands. fourth quarter now, denver down by 10 at the 9 yard line. this is former terp lance ball. jumps over a player, diving into the end zone and celebrating. makes the score 23-20. i like that. leapfrog. that's the final score. raiders are winners there. all right. everybody loves the local guys
6:50 pm
coming back and playing their hometown team. redskins have tim hightower, josh wilson. gnats have steve lombardozi. got his first major league hit last night and he dressed up as a smurf. painted blue for yesterday's train ride to new york. they had to go the entire way dressed as smurfs. ross debt wiwiler was pitching. makes a mistake here. the rbi double to right. we're tied at 2. that would be it for mr. detwiler. top of the seventh. lombardozi, two on, two out. looking for his first mayor league hit, and he gets it. nice piece of hitting. goes the other way. bixler comes around to score. caught in the rundown. maybe caught up in the excitement of actually getting a hit in the majors. but it's okay. because that proved to be the
6:51 pm
game winning hit and he could laugh it off. nationals take it, 3-2. playing again tonight. they are the most successful sports franchise in town the last couple of years. today they were honored by the city. i'm talking about the washington castles of world team tennis. the castles on the front steps of the wilson building today celebrating another world team tennis championship. mayor gray joined coach murphy jenson and players coming off the first perfect season in the 36 year history of world team tennis. that's pretty cool. >> that is very cool. >> mayor gray proclaimed today as washington castles day. congratulations to them. if you haven't been to see the washington castles play, very entertaining. >> venus was not there today, right? >> did not see her there. back to football quickly. chargers sign former maryland kicker nick novak. he replaces the kicker who tore his acl on the opening kickoff of the season.
6:52 pm
what a bummer that is. for more sports nuggets, let's het the hellie pad real real quick. ncaa hit boise state with probation for various valations. they'll lose nine scholarships over the next three years. novak djokovic making big bucks. $10.6 million in earnings this year. record on the court, 64.2, three grand slam titles. most ever won on the atp tour. brian westbrook worked out for the dolphins but left miami without signing a contract. he said they wanted to look at other players. he's back on his farm in prince georges county just waiting for somebody to call. hope it happens for him. >> and staying in shape. >> absolutely. >> thank you, dan. a
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6:55 pm
two of our area colleges are on a national list of up and coming schools. at the top of the u.s. news and
6:56 pm
world report list is the university of maryland baltimore county. second on the list, george mason university in mafairfax. the magazine ranks schools making the most promising and innovative changes. the list is based on input from college presidents and deans and is intended to note improvements in schools that might not be reflected in the annual overall college rankings. final chuck -- final check, chuck. >> something like that. >> you know what i mean. >> i know exactly what you mean. little something for everybody in the seven-day forecast. beautiful warm late summer day tomorrow. sunshine. 85 degree. 40% chance of rain later in the day. usable hours. thursday on and off chance of rain showers. cooler. high 75. friday looks great. saturday and sunday, perfect, late summer, early fall weather. highs in the 60s to near 70s. there's a lot of college football. you never get this on a tuesday. west virginia coming to college park.
6:57 pm
it's a noon kickoff on saturday. 64 degrees for terrapins fans. hokie fans going back home to blacksburg. red wolves of arkansas state coming into town. 4:00 kickoff. 62 degrees. out of sheer curiosity, number one team in america are on the road in tallahassee, 80 degrees. >> we were all anxious to know the weather for that game. out in ogden, utah, a group of good samaritans pulled a man from beneath the wreckage of a burning car. it was all captured on video by somebody in a nearby office building. michelle franzen now shows us the rescue. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: minutes after witnessing a fiery roadside crash in logan, utah, a group of good samaritans raced to rescue motorcycle driver brandan wright who was pinned underneath the
6:58 pm
burning vehicle. together lifting the car to save the 21-year-old's life. he's in critical condition in a utah hospital. his family says he's lucky to be alive. >> brandon, first and foremost, his parents, his siblings and everyone else are incredibly thankful for these an ggels who came to his aid yesterday. >> reporter: the miraculous rescue captured on video begins with one man getting down on the ground. all trying to help muscle the car. but it won't budge. >> it was very hot. it was hot and kind of dangerous. >> reporter: the group tries again. and with all their might, finally raises the car, allowing enough time for another hero to pull the victim out. brandon's uncle says he was aware of what was going on the entire time. >> he does remember the crash happening. and he said that he remembers being under the car, spitting up
6:59 pm
flood and not being able to talk. he said that he was really scared. >> reporter: scared. and now grateful for the brave acts of those rescuers who persevered and preserved his life. michelle franzen, nbc news. >> the biker suffered broken bones, some cuts and burns. we're told he just had surgery and is expected to recover. he told his family that he is very humbled and that he owes so many people his life. good for them. >> it is amazing what people can do when they put their mind to it. >> absolutely. >> more power to them all for stepping in there and helping. that's our broadcast for now. "nightly news" coming up next. >> see you again for news 4 at


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